Truffle - Elegance without Serif



Sans serif typefaces are the standard in typesetting now. We find sans serifs everywhere, like air. It’s easy to find gorgeous, geometric sans serifs and composite them. However, Truffle is an elegant geometric sans serif. Curves and letterforms are designed based on circular shapes to give elegance with the clarity of a sans serif.

Low x-height

In general, people choose whether or not to buy something after trying it on. This action is the core of the in-store experience. This project allows customers to complete their purchase in the fitting room, and have a delightful experience doing it.

Circular Shapes

Truffle is designed based on the circular shapes found in kitchenware. The shapes of Truffle are intended to be friendly—and to work with organic products such as foods—all while keeping the DNA of geometric sans serif type.

Curved Foot

Truffle has a curved foot on its “i”, “l”, “t”. That curvy foot add deliciousness to Truffle, keeping an organic feeling within its geometric shapes.

Truffle Italic

Whimsical Curves

Whimsical curves are also a big characteristic of Truffle’s italic. Balance between whimsy and modularization makes Truffle sweet in the right places.